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​Samurai Armor Bag

By applying the beauty and function of Kacchu or armor wear with a contemporary approach, the Samurai Armor Bag was designed as a product we can use in our everyday life.
The bags combine the finest materials as leather, metal plates and Kumihimo braids with the ancestral technique of Armor wear into an East-meets-West design. Exclusively made in Kyoto, each piece is unique and a tribute to the Samurai spirit.


​Keisuke Miyake

Keisuke Miyake is the second generation of one the few Kyo-Ningyo craftsmen, makers of the traditional Kyoto doll. He inherited the Kyo-Ningyo know-how from his father, and trained since his teens to become a distinguished craftsman. Influenced by the high level technique and the Samurai spirit inherent in the Kacchu craft, the art of making armors, he has developed the Samurai Armor Bag, a product in between contemporaneity and japanese tradition.


​Samurai Inheritance

Keisuke Miyake’s art has always grown in the vein of the Samurai culture. He picked the very essence of his know-how as the Kyo-dolls “Yoroikabuto” (or Samurai armor wear) to revive it into a contemporary design. The “Yoroikabuto” was worn as a protective gear by the Samurai but also as a symbol of the Bushido.
Over centuries of the Shogunate period, the armor wear craft evolved as a state of art with the finest materials and very specific processing of braiding. This special technique used for weaving is called “Odoshi” and is interpreted into today Miyake Bags Collection. Metal plates reflecting light are delicately woven onto the leather bag one by one with the finest braid.

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